Blue Planet Offices FAQ Page

We will add FAQS here as it becomes necessary. Most Blue Planet sites that sell products or services have a full detailed description. In addition some sites have their own FAQ pages and a number of sites have popup help boxes for more detailed informaton without leaving the page you are on. If the popups do not work for you, all the same information is on the FAQ page of that site. If you have a specific question please email us, use the comment form, or give us a call. We even have 800 toll free numbers! Thank you for visiting Blue Planet Offices.

Due to the massive amount of spamming of comment forms, guest books and message forums, in addition to email, Blue Planet's comment form is in a secure area. To leave a comment, click the link below.

When the login box appears Enter image for User and Enter image as the password. Type the password three times so that it is nine characters long. You will then be in a secure area to enter your coments. Thank you for your interest.


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