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Welcome Investors:

If you are not an investor, this is not a solicitation or advertisment for the sale of stock. Blue Planet Offices, Inc. does not solicit stockholders or stock sales. Blue Planet is not a publicly traded stock, it is a privately held corporation. Individuals who speak with other stockholders or otherwise have come into contact with the corporation often ask about the opportunity to purchase stock or invest in one of our franchise operations which are forming. This page is for these potential investors, franchise investors or purchasers. Visitors should familiarize themselves with the services and operations of Blue Planet described on other pages of this site prior to reading this page.

Blue Planet Offices, Inc. is permitted to advertise and solicit purchasers of its office franchise plan as well as affiliations with existing corporate office centers. These purchasers and affiliates are of course also free to participate in Blue Planet Offices, Inc. (subject to local law and SEC regulations) which serves as a holding company for all offices in our network. Each company owned office is an independent corporation, partly owned by Blue Planet Offices, Inc. together with local partners and investors. Franchise offices are owned by the purchaser of the franchise and others who are investors in that franchised corporation.

The original office services purpose of Blue Planet Offices has been put on the back burner, so to speak, due to the lack of available funding and current economic conditions. Office services together with an internet cafe will be launched in Key West, FL in the near future to serve as a demonstration project and provide space for various other operations such as our printing and equipment rental businesses.

An overview of current operations is available by reading the content of our web sites. Long range planning and other issues are confidential and this information is available to stockholders in a secure private area of the site.

We are able to invite individuals we have previous relationships with, such as the former stockholders of the CEO's previous corporation, Quaterra Communications Corp.

Investors in Blue Planet Offices, Inc, will get regular reports in our private investor area. Investments generally are poured into a vacuum and no individual stockholder knows what is actually done with their money or why. In our case, we will tell the investor exactly what we are doing with their money. If it is used for equipment, we'll even provide photos of the equipment purchased. You will know exactly what we own. If it is used for the purchase of advertising, you'll get the link or if print, a copy of the advertisement. Or if it pays some bill, we'll explain that. We will also be purchasing materials, equipment, services and other things out of income.

One of the early things we will need to do is to adequately secure all of our intellectual property which will cost about $2,500, although individual steps range from $70 to $300 and it is not a matter of one $2,500 expediture. However, this is a number of tasks that need to be accomplished as quickly as possible.

Our SecureBAG-TAG and related products currently come with simulated RFID chips. We will need to purchase about $3,000 in equipment and probably about $2,000 in RFID tags to get the price point we need, but then the products will come with real working RFID chips. The chips will contain, in general terms, the company name and related information, plus the serial number of the card. They will not contain any personal information of customers, which wouldn't be possible anyway in the case of retail sales.

Ultimately, the vast majority of the tags will have working chips. A potential thief will have no idea if they are stealing a working tag or not. The deterent effect will be the same.

In the short term the RFID tags will not actually do anything. However, after raising adequate capital one or more patents will be applied for and an actual real-time tracking system will be developed. This will consist of a hardware device and software, thus circuit design and computer software programming will be required. This will likely take a budget of 250k to 750k, plus an additional 200k to go into production.

We can't reveal what the system consists of or how it works as that would jeopardize our patent applications. Patent applications will generally take between $5,000 and $15,000 each. Stock holders are provided more information after signing a non-disclosure agreement. However, it could well make the theft of personal property obsolete.

We believe that this system, and the business in general, has a great degree of potential. At minimum, stakeholders will see a very nice return on their investment. The corporation has no debt and even with commercial space and employees will have very modest overhead.

If everything goes according to plan, the stakeholders will all become incredibly rich. We mean mega-rich. Of course, in the real world, the result is likely to be somewhere between a nice return and rich. In any case, we think it is a fantastic investment opportunity.

At some point during this process, depending upon investments and sales, Blue Planet will purchase a NASDAQ traded corporation. Blue Planet will reverse merge into that corporation and will then be a publicly traded corporation. We could do the same with a pink sheet company for less money, but our preference for a number of good reasons, is to be on NASDAQ.

Most of the available corporations are nothing more than shells. The cleaner the corporation is, the more expensive it is. We are looking at 100k to 250k or more. A clean corporation has issued minimal stock and hasn't been used for some big stock scam. It has a clean record. The dirtier the record is and the more stock it has issued, the cheaper it will be, but the problems with it will be much greater.

For example, we recently became the Florida registered agent for a NASDAQ corporation that another foreign company has reverse merged into. That makes the company a publicly traded US corporation virtually overnight. In reality, it all takes about six months or so to pull off. It is developing a product and has no sales at this point. The company it merged into was going to do something spectacular and never did. It sold stock on the promise though and has a bunch of stockholders. Although neither the old or new owners actually sold any products or made any money, it has a market cap of $65 million, with stock trading at about ten cents a share.

The other approach is a new NASDAQ application which is much more complicated and expensive. It is also hard to do for companies with little income. Hopefully at the point where we decide to go public, we will already have substantial sales and assets. Locking up all the intellectual property rights first is of course critical before we can consider going public.

SecureBAG-TAG has enough features for us to achieve substantial sales. When the underlying tracking system is rolled out, publicity and sales should go through the roof. With the equipment, infrastructure and experience we will have at that point, we should be able to ramp up operations without significant disruption or any major mistakes.

The system, called Blue Planet Property Recovery Newtork is at The actual network will be rolled out in cities across the county ultimately, but Key West will be our initial testing and proving ground. Being a relatively small and confined area with a serious bike theft problem, this is an ideal testing area. In the meantime, this domain will have other uses that will be instrumental in the promotion of the company, though without actually selling anything on that site. This site is intended for crime prevention and law enforcement purposes and intended to attrack a large amount of traffic.

Original Investor Information: This link will take you to a page that was written about our office services business intentions which involved company locations and a franchise operation.

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